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How To Make $50+ Daily With CPAgrip: Content Locking Concept

make money with cpa marketing
Over $50 daiily

It doesn’t matter whether you happen to understand the terms CPA marketing or this is the first time you are hearing it. I assure you that, you’re going to learn something new about how to make money fast with CPA marketing, specifically through content locking with CPAgrip.

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Did you know that all this CPA money making stuff is just about creating content that you’re interested in, passionate over, or know lots about and drive the right traffic to it?

CPAgrip content page

Many will tell you that you will not need to dedicate a lot of efforts into this. Surely, that is a big lie. You will earn more depending on the efforts you put in when getting started and you can do it without any investment if you know the tricks. 

Initially, it was almost impossible to start off on your own, but now it is different, especially if you will follow this tutorial to exhaustion and make proper use of the tricks I am sharing here in other locked files only accessible to those who SIGN UP HERE as my referrals.

By the end of today, you will have cold hard cash sitting in your bank account like what you see here. That’s a nice thought, right?

CPA marketing Frequently Asked Questions
· What is CPA marketing?
· How does content locking work to enhance sales conversions?
·Which are some of the best CPA networks?
·How can one find a profitable niche to target, and how to make sure that it can convert well?
·Looks like one can’t succeed with CPA marketing without a website, how do I start a website with a cheap domain, hosting, and installing WordPress?
·What are some reliable methods to create content that you can lock?
·What are the examples of simple/free but effective tried-and-tested techniques to drive site traffic?
· How can one optimize the earnings to earn big bucks with CPA marketing?

I believe you are now confident to learn more about CPA marketing and I am sure you will leave this page more informed than ever. However, I must stress before we start, don’t skip any content.

What Is CPA Marketing?
CPA is the acronym of “Cost per action”. This term refers to the cost an advertiser pays for every action completed. A simple example, a mobile app advertiser pays you up a $2 every time you get someone to download the mobile app.
CPA marketing network works as a middleman by getting “publishers” to advertise offers submitted by advertisers to their viewers. Unlike in affiliate marketing where the publisher has to facilitate a product sale in order to earn commissions. In this case the publisher gets paid for getting the viewer, interested in something he has published, to perform a certain predetermined action in order to access the product.
An “action” performed can be anything. They tend to be simple to achieve and the viewer is usually not bothered, such as:

·Signing up for a free trial
· Fill in a short form like submitting an email address
· Buying a product
· Get a quote for something, for example insurance
· Voting in a poll
· Downloading an application
· Entering a competition with a very handsome possible prize
· Doing a short survey

The above can be very easily facilitated by Content locking concept. By locking content you will incentivise the completion of the action.

Key Terms & Concepts every CPA Marketer must be familiar with
These key terms, phrases and abbreviations are a must know in CPA marketing so that, the CPA marketing network dashboards and statistics will make way more sense after signing up.
·Publisher – A person who creates and distributes content, like a blogger, youtuber or a musician,
· Content locker – Something that asks a user to complete an offer in order to proceed to the content, URL, or a download. If you happen to be on this page, then you just seen what a locker is and completed an offer before getting approval to see this page.
·Leads – Completed actions that have converted into cash.
· CTR / CR – Click-through rate. This is the number of people that make you money versus the amount of people that have clicked an offer and left.
· Niche – a target unit of a market. E.g. a yellow Nova bike is a niche in bicycle market.
How Content Locking Works
The incentivisation feature mentioned severally already in this tutorial is key to the content locking concept.
A good example, if I decided to write a free short eBook of 1000 words in pdf file called 5 Libido Boosting Tips that Are Proven to Work, I would “lock” the download and ask my visitor to sign up to a suppliments newsletter so they could download the eBook. I would then be paid anywhere between $1 – $20+ (on average) per download. The amount earned will depend on the offers available on the network at the time and the geographical location of the visitor.
I will explain how to create content effectively later in the tutorial, but you need to join a CPA network first if you haven’t already.
Which is the best Content Locking CPA Marketing Network?
No doubt, you now understand CPA marketing and how content locking works in theory. So, it’s time for you to join a CPA network that provides the content lockers and put all into practice.
The CPA network provide pre-set out-of-the-box lockers for you to use in monetizing your content, and takes the hard work.
#1 Recommended CPAGrip
I’ve been with CPAGrip for years now. They’ve never missed a payment. They also provide highly competitive rates on their offers, as well as having a super user-friendly dashboard. 

Main Monetization tools at your disposal:

  1.    Page content locker 
  2.    URL/File lockers 
  3.     Offer walls    
  4.    Virtual currency lockers
  5.    Referral program
  6.     CPAgrip offers a referral program that 

PLEASE REGISTER HERE to qualify for the free access to all the tricks and hacks I am using to earn such quick.

Once signed up, check out the chat-room-style facility in the dashboard. You can ask questions, contact the affiliate, and discuss CPA marketing content with the rest of the community. This is a very powerful tool that you should definitely take advantage of.

Above all, message me from the CPAgrip dashboard referral section and I will get back with you soon.

As I already promised, I am going to share with you my first trick for free that is working for me to earn the money you just seen in the screenshots.
Here we go,
Find yourself A Profitable Niche
You will definitely need to choose a profitable niche you are actually passionate with under which the offers you will be promoting fall. Most people usually go for the ever-green niches when they first start out; however, they can prove difficult due to the amount of competition. Ever-green niches are niches such as weight-loss, investment strategies, relationship advise, or ache treatment. In other words, these are niches that don’t die.

The best tactic is to find a niche that is trending.

How To Find Trending Niches
If you want to start making money really fast, the best way forward is to start locking content in trending niches. These are specific niches that are really popular at the moment, like headlines in the news, on TV, or season specific.
Daily news provides a fantastic source of trending niches. Keep your eyes on current events. When breaking news comes out about some software (or concept, or person), create some relevant content. This could be an eBook on how to get, achieve, or create the content. It could be anything from a set of artwork you’ve created, to a competition page to win the item. Essentially, it could be absolutely anything that you could potentially lock.
If you want to find the very hottest in content on the internet then you should check out Google Trends, which highlights the most searched for content each and every day. It also has a ton of statistics.
Find out here How To Research What’s In Demand For Your Niche
There’s no point entering a niche if there’s no demand or traffic for it.
Make the better use of free tools such as Google AdWords: Keyword Planner to determine how many people are searching for the content on the internet. This tool allows you to type in a certain keyword and it will show you how many people are searching for it per month.
Once you’ve got a good idea for a niche that you want to enter, your going to need some where to start putting your content.

At this stage, many would recommend starting a website, but remember, I promised you one of the free sure methods that I use and it won’t need to start a website at all.

All you will need is a landing page, like this one but fine if you already have a website. There are free site platforms out there, but I would recommend blogger because that is what I am familiar with.

Assuming you have now mastered the art of creating the lockers, you will have to start locking the niche content that you believe people will be searching for. The content will vary from Audiobooks, videos, web pages, eBooks, softwares etc. Don’t lock other people’s copyrighted content.

The remaining part is a little tricky but it is manageable with my CPAgrip marketing method. It will be how you will drive traffic to your offers and probably get leads.
CPA marketing content locker
Here, you will have to go to google alerts and sign up for alerts using the key words researched under your niche.
This is so that google will send out the e-mails whenever a new content within your niche is published on the web.
When that happens, you will have to reach out instantly by going to the post and create a great comment on the post with a link to your landing page.

You will have to make sure your comment is relevant on the post so that the post visitors will be interested in finding out what the link is all about.

With this method, it will work if you will be consistent and the more the comments you will leave on other peoples’ content, the more the traffic and probably conversions.
That is it!

In order to gain full access to more suchlike tricks and unique marketing methods and earn more with CPA marketing, you will have to sign up as my referral. 

As for those who already have accounts with CPAgrip, you can still access some important info here.

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